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I'm back.

Is there any way to play a *sequence* of music pieces?
Ideally a list of pieces would be displayed and played in sequence.
The option of tapping on any one to play it would be desirable.

Using html only?  Using html plus javascript?

Using flash? Of course -- but I don't have a flash-writer.

(A series of links to play one or another would be too easy, although
they'd be likely to play simultaneously if one tap-danced too fast.)


Re: Music-playing by html


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Idea: I could concatenate the .mp3 pieces -- one huge file.
But no select option possible.

Re: Music-playing by html

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Join up all the pieces in different audio files in as many
permutations as would keep the order you want and as many as
there are starting piece choices. Make a UL list of them. That
way, anyone can choose what they like best but it be followed,
automatically, and possibly annoyingly, by whatever else is on
the audio track.


Re: Music-playing by html

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  <li><a href="piece0.mp3">piece 0</a></li>
  <li><a href="piece1.mp3">piece 1</a></li></ul>

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  While one can link to a sound resource in HTML, the HTML
  specification does not guarantee (require) that the client
  then can actually play that sound resource.

  Even to download the sound resource, HTML alone does not
  suffice, one would need to employ an additional resource
  transfer protocol such as HTTP.

  I believe it would be reasonable to link to each individual
  piece of music and have the user activate several links
  in sequence to listen to several pieces in sequence.

  You could have a (CGI program on the )server that reads a
  MPSDL string from the user, for example, 312 would make
  the server send a sound file with the pieces 3, 1, and 2.

  (MPSDL = music-piece sequence description language)

  To discuss solutions with Java, JavaScript or so, this
  might be the wrong newsgroup.

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