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Does anyone know of a way to create a complex multi column form (like
the ones that can be created in programs like MS-Access)? This is for a
secure WAN where all users will be using MS Internet Explorer.

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Ed wrote:
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Well, hopefully they'll eventually wise up and switch to a better
browser, like Mozilla.  If you use standards-compliant, platform and
browser neutral authoring, that shouldn't be a problem.

There are plenty of ways to do "complex multi-column forms", including
old-school methods using the TABLE element, and newer techniques making
use of stylesheets and DIV elements.  Learning HTML would be a good
first step.


Re: multi-column html form

Thank you for your replies.
As for the complexity of the forms and the browser of choice - these
are requirements of the client and as such not open for discussion.

Your sarcasm aside, thanks again.

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First, let me say that forms should not be complex, whether they be on a
secure WAN, on the WWW, or plain paper.  Most people don't like filling
out forms, and the more complex they are, the more prone to errors.

To create a form in HTML is simply a matter of using the correct markup
and using CSS to style the form elements, eg:
<form method="method" action="action">
<label for="name">Name : </label> <input type="text" name="name"
id="name" value="value">

Jukka Korpela has more information on forms: < /
~jkorpela/forms/index.html> and check the specs:

Forms should always be validated server side, and that would be off topic
here.  You need to post in a group for your particular server side

Preliminary validation can be done client side (if the user has client
side scripting enabled), but again, that is not a topic for this group,
you should post to a javascript group for that.

Adrienne Boswell
Please respond to the group so others can share

Re: multi-column html form

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_Really_ complex ?


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