mpg/mpeg videos stopping short when viewed through server

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I've created a website that has mpg files embedded in static html pages
as so:

<embed src=3D"filename.mpg" width=3D"165" height=3D"175"

First off - I know this may not be the best way to do things, but is
the only way my customer is allowing it to be done, so I can't change

Now here's my problem:  When viewing the pages and video clips as files
(typing in X:/files/flp/flp_01.mpg into IE), the clip launches in
Windows Media Player and is full length (1:46).  When viewing the page
or clip through the web server (typing in or more specifically ) the video clip is missing the
last 9 seconds (so it's only 1:37 in length).

I've tested this on all 20 or so videos I have throughout my site, and
it always seems to be dropping about the last 8% of the video clip (a
clip that was 1:46 dropped 9 seconds, a clip that was 5:15 dropped the
last 26 seconds, etc.)

The details:  The web server is IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003 Server.  The
browser I'm using (if it matters, since the same thing happens with
Windows Media Player and IE) is IE 6.0.  Local OS is XP Professional.
Has anybody ever seen any behavior like this?  My thought is that it's
some sort of setting on the server, since it works fine until you
access it through http means on the server.  Any suggestions on where I
might look to get the full videos to play?  
Thanks in Advance!

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