Miminmize window affects the page

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Hello everyone,

I have a page that is being displayed in a browser (Microsoft IE). When
one reduces the size of the IE browser, one has a choice of the
following: maximize (gets a full-screen result), medium-sized (where
the browser window is smaller) and minimized.

I would like it so that when the browser window becomes medium-sized,
that the web page being displayed in the browser stays the same size
and does not adjust to fit into the medim sized window. In my case,
when the medium sized window is chosen, the controls are shifted around

So, what would be nice is when if the medium-sized window is chosen,
then the controls would remain in the same spot and the page stays the
same size.

What can I set to accomplish this?

Any help, hints or advice is appreciated


Re: Miminmize window affects the page

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 23:46:48 -0700, milkyway sent:

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Since you asked...  Don't attempt it, it's making a problem for people.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It is a right pain when some webpage is a fixed size which doesn't suit
our browser window.  We end up having to scroll all over the place,
because it's too big for our screen.  It's like trying to read a magazine
through a keyhole.  Page content should flow around to *best* fit the
space available.

Having said that, you should construct the page so it's coherent when
being manipulated.  You've given us no example to look at, but saying that
"controls move around" sounds like you're trying to shovel things in and
hope that a certain page size puts them into the right place.  That's a
bad idea.

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Re: Miminmize window affects the page

milkyway wrote:
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I just finished a two-week survey of what browsers were used to
access my Web site.  A number of accesses were done via mobile
platforms, that is Web-capable cell phones.  Add to that the number
of users who still prefer 800x600 displays (including me even
though I can set my display to 1280x1024); and 25% of those who
view the Web have 800x600 as their maximum resolution.  

Take all this into account.  By trying to design a Web page for a
fixed window size, you are creating a mess for all those users.  


David E. Ross

I use Mozilla as my Web browser because I want a browser that
complies with Web standards.  See <URL:http://www.mozilla.org/>.

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