Meta tags- so 90's?

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I am confused. Are meta tags not used for indexing anymore? If yes,
what are some best practices for using them?

Re: Meta tags- so 90's?

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The meta element, description, is sometimes used for a brief description
of the page in search engines.  It should reflect the page contents, and
have keywords which are relavent to that content.

The meta element, keywords, has been abused and is not really used by
SEs.  However, you can still use it, and like description, the keywords
should be relavent to the page contents.

The title element, however, is very important.  The title of the page
should acurately describe it, with keywords that are relavent to the
page contents.  <title>Home</title> is not very descriptive.

Each page should also have a level 1 heading.  Often my level 1 heading
is the same as my title element.

Clean, semantic markup also helps the bots.  Use external CSS and
external javascript.  

There's a lot more information and helpful folks over at

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Re: Meta tags- so 90's?

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The things is, if you don't use it, some will use the first few lines of the
page for generic kinds of hits.  Much of the time that will be meaningless
navigation aid crap, so you want to give them the description.  Of course
when there is some context for the part of the page that hit, many engines
will use that.  If your page title is John Mayer, the description should
make clear if this the official John Mayer site, this is a fan site, this is
a lyrics page, this the dentist John Mayer in San Diego, or whatever.

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If you have a large site, especially if you have obscure or meaningless
filenames, keywords may be useful internally.  If you really have a use for
keywords, you might as well put them in a meta tag as in a comment.

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Re: Meta tags- so 90's?

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<title>Untitled</title> is even worse...

One thing to keep in mind is that the <title> is (often|always? - haven't
made an extensive study!) used by browsers for the entry in the history,
and long titles seem to get truncated. Sites which generate content
(or at least some of it) dynamically can often end up being listed
in the browser history as a bunch of pages with identical names, such

   Fred - Google Search
   Fred - Google Search
   Fred - Google Search

which is a bit of a pain. (It would be nice if they could at least
append something like (1-10) etc.!)

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Which (see above) is fine if the heading is short and sweet, but not
necessarily always appropriate!

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