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I've a commercial website running on php with complete database and many of
my clients ask to include their articles's page in their website.

As quite all doesn't have php or asp on their site, I must send them the URL
to include their article's page in their website.

What are the many ways to do so ?

I know
- frame (but as I know they can't be retrieved by searchengines, and I want
- iframes (quite good, but as I know doesn't work on older browser than
ie4...also problem with size if no javascript available)

are there any better way ?
The link is something like:

What's the best way to include this link in others website ?

Re: many ways to import page

Bob Bedford wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

href=" ;showmenu=1">The
Commerce Site: Products</a>

No need for anything fancy... a plain old link always works fine.


Re: many ways to import page
Quoted text here. Click to load it
isn't a link I want !!! I want to include the page from an other site in my
page !

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