Making an addable list???

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I'm trying to gather information about some birds, and would
like to make a list available for people to add to when they
see them. And I'd like to do it for free or I probably won't do
it at all. So far I don't even know what to look for, what to
call such an option, or if it's available.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Making an addable list???

dh@. wrote:
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  You want a server-side program like PHP, JSP, perl, etc.; and a backend
store like a database. The program processes the input and puts it in the
backend. It also retrieves the data from the backend to display it.
  Your site's host provider usually offers some or all of those packages.

  I suspect, though, that someone has already written something like what
you want. It is a common idea and there are a lot of birders out there.
Thus exists Google and Yahoo!. And USENET; I bet there is at least one
birder group somewhere.

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Re: Making an addable list???


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    I'm afraid I have no idea about any of that....I had in mind something
like an online notepad that's easy for people to add to.

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    That's what I was hoping. I was hoping that someone would know
of a place where we can start a free web site and have some sort of
addable list option. Maybe "create new list"...I could search for
something that gives you that option maybe....

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    Plenty of them. I could go look and see if some of them have lists
like that, but I was again hoping someone would tell me what it would
be I know some servers offer bulletin boards and discussion
groups, but that's not the same thing as just having a list that people
can add to.

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