Mac IE not displaying background-image

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I have launched my new website and having viewing it on the Mac
Internet Explorer, have found that it isnt displaying my
background-image property. Is this a common bug / occurance? How are
background-image properties displayed on the Mac IE?



PS. Im not too sure what version of IE it is but Im guessing its 5.x
(but that is a guess based on the age of the OS). Being a Windows user
I dont know how to find out the version on that the Mac

Re: Mac IE not displaying background-image

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed writing in

Quoted text here. Click to load it

A URL would be helpful.

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Re: Mac IE not displaying background-image wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You didn't provide a URL, but a known bug in IE/Mac is that it doesn't
support single quoted URLs.

url(this.jpeg) is fine
url("this.jpeg") is fine
url('this.jpeg') will break in IE/Mac (although is fine by the spec)

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Re: Mac IE not displaying background-image wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The Macintosh version of IE is now rather dated. It has not been the
default web browser on Macintosh for a number of years.  It has not been
even included in the Macintosh software for several years. Microsoft
have not updated it in even longer. It is not available on the Microsoft

If your web pages validate, and the display problem turns out to be
something very easy to fix like the quoted name of the image, it would
be nice to see it fixed. However that browser is now used by a small and
shrinking number of  users.

Perhaps if you give a URL to your site, someone in these groups could
make better suggestions?


Re: Mac IE not displaying background-image wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It was the best of browsers, it was the worst of browsers....

Mac IE is completely obsolete and pretty much dead and buried now.
Don't waste time trying to fix for it or you can waste a _lot_ of
effort on an evil piece of junk that no-one has used for a long time.

When it first released it was hailed as a good browser, because of its
advanced level of support for CSS features that few other browsers of
its day had implemented. The downside of it is that it has always been
buggy, particularly for parsing the input documents. In general it
_can_ work and demonstrate a feature, but it's fussy about the precise
syntax used.  In practice it's unreliable and minor matters like the
amount of whitespace, or the type of quote character used, can cause it
to ignore sections of the document (even though these are perfectly
valid variations).

Validate your documents first, then make sure that teh syntax you've
used is the simplest permitted by the spec. Hack around with different
quote chars (or none ?) in the CSS url() statement. I can't remember
exactly what Mac IE wants, but it's likely one of those.

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