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I'm looking for recommendations for a Content Management System.  To date,
most of the big players have not impressed me much due to their lack of web
standards support.  My client is a federally funded organization and must
meet section 508 guidelines as well as meet future needs for mobile
compatibility.  As such, full XHTML and CSS support is mandatory.


* Flexible templating, to include XHTML and CSS support.
* Non-technical user friendly.  They shouldn't have to know Perl or other
arcane scripting languages
* Preferably IIS based, but will consider Apache or standalone.
* Flexible extension mechanism (Ability to create user defined applications
that integrate with the CMS)
* Workflow and Revision control
* Flexible security system (have to administer 1000's of accounts).
Preferably integratable with LDAP, NDS or ActiveDirectory.
* Preferably usable as a portal as well.
* Remotely maintainable without the need of a VPN amd client applications.

Any suggestions you might give would be appreciated, thanks.  Cost is not
an issue, within reason.

Re: Looking for recommendations for a CMS

I would check out ContentXML.  It meets you needs for mobile
compatibility and has a 508 compliance checker.  Its templating is very
flexible and includes XHTML, XML, and CSS support.  Intergates well
with LDAP and Active Directory and is remotely maintainable.   Shoot me
an email and I can give you some more information
You can find additional info at www.hannonhill.com

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