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I'm working to improve the aesthetic appeal of the sites I design and
using CSS to do so.  One of the books that I have, "The Principles of
Beautiful Web Design", recommends the use of "web comps".  These are
basically drawings of the page using a tool that lets you get these
drawings done quickly.  The tool the author, Jason Beaird, uses is

I have a virtual machine installed on my computer in order to run Windows
programs, but as a general rule I try to avoid doing so.  In addition
Firworks isn't free, and I would like to avoid the cost of the package.  

Is there a good program for doing these Web comps under Linux?

I've asked this question on the Gimp forums and what I found was that Gimp
probably isn't suited to this problem without using extensions.  For
example, Gimp will not allow a text area to contain more than one style of
text.  If you are using Gimp for this purpose, please let me know.  If you
have a set of extensions for Gimp that help you improve your productivity,
I'd really like to know what they are.  

I apologize for posting this to so many groups (four I think), but I tried
posting to once already without

Thank you,


Re: Linux tool for Web Comps

Kenneth P. Turvey wrote:
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   Well, I'd like to know the answer to that also.

   I can recommend a vector drawing program for making some of these
shapes called Inkscape. Inkscape has builds for most OS's. It's not a
solution to your problem.

   I'm a text editor kind of person and I find it very difficult to
visualize designs in html. I notice Fireworks has a free trial and I
think I will give that a go...

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Re: Linux tool for Web Comps

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 >"The Principles of
 > Beautiful Web Design", recommends the use of "web comps".
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Possibly because the "comps" idea and
the ideal of accessibility often conflict.
This link could help, though:

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