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Hi, I am kinda familiar with html, but i am having a problem. I am
working on a menu system for a handheld gaming device (PSP). I want the
menu to be able to display all files with a certain extention (.swf to
be precise) from a specific folder. The menu system I am working on
allows users to easily access their flash games (.swf) stored on their
psp. In previous releases the user had to manually edit the html to get
the menu to link to their own game files. Basically what I want to know
is how you can display links to all files in a designated folder with
the files ending in the extension ".swf", but the code can only be in
html or javascript, because the psp only supports these two. I would
really appreciate any help, and I will give full credit to the person
that provides me with the necessary code.

Re: Links to files in a specific folder

nafogel wrote:

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HTML provides no means to access a filesystem.
JavaScript (in a typical browser environment) has no means to access a
filesystem either.

So you're out of luck.

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On the WWW, these things are typically handled on the webserver, so the
support from the client is irrelevant. The server runs a program (written
in Perl, for example) which looks at the file system, outputs some HTML
based on what it sees, then returns the result to the server which passes
the HTML on to the client.

If you are talking about something that executes on the PSP itself, then
this group is the wrong place to be asking - its about HTML authoring for
the WWW.

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