Link validation and finding orphaned files

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I have built a Domino Web Application. I am looking for a tool that
will be able to scour my site and find all files that are orphaned. I
have found a few tools on the web that can do this kind of thing
however they ask for ftp information to your file server so that they
can index everything on your file server and then compare that to
everything that they have indexed from their web scour of your site and
what ever files are left over from the difference are the orphans. I
cannot plug in conventional ftp info into these programs because I am
not using a traditional file server to serve up my web content.
Everything is contained in only one file on the server which is my nsf
(the notes database file) and that will do nothing for these tools.

I do have another approach or option in mind.  What I can produce is a
list of every single url to both webpages and all files on my website
as a list. I am than thinking that I could take this list and feed it
into some kind of link validation/orphan seeking program that will be
able to extract from this list which files are not referenced from a
webpage on my site.

Is anyone aware of such a tool?  If so, please enlighten me!

All help is appreciated!

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