legality/practicality of nesting complete, valid HTML pages

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Thank you all for your replies.  I'll reply briefly to each key point:

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Thanks!  You are probably correct.  I wanted to be aware of other options,
that's all.  Part of what got me in this mess is not finding out enough
before I jumped in.

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Thanks, I checked out the template mechanism and it seemed cumbersome.
Using a generalized macro processor seems as if it might put me on the
command line more than I'd like to be.  The PHP include mechanism seems just

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Thank you for sharing your experience with validation.

In retrospect, clearly, I should have started by reducing all the existing
content to plain text and rebuilt _everything_ from scratch.  I've ended up
doing that with a lot of intermediate wrong turns, but now the site can be
considered all new and so it seems reasonable to validate.

Here's another issue:  As a result of having far too much on my plate, I
don't see how I can test the new site as I should, on multiple browsers and
OS platforms. Judging from the lack of response from the alpha group to home
I referred a reasonably good prototype, I have very little chance of getting
anything at all from a beta group.  You may consider this a naÔve theory,
but I have no clear alternative: I'm hoping that taking care to produce
fully validated code will help me avoid at least some such problems.

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HL versus LL is an interesting discussion on its own, but this site is
something like a year late and I need to concentrate on getting it on the

I use tools such as wget, awk and Jedit when I have need for them.  My
apparent difficulties with DW may be largely due to the fact that I started
this project knowing nothing about DW and little about web-authoring.  Now I
know more, but as this discussion has demonstrated, the skills I've
developed are lopsided.

That said, at this point, I don't see DW as significantly better or worse
than the dozens of software Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) I've
encountered: adequate at many tasks, very convenient for some work, and
frustrating on other points.

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Right, that makes sense.  I'm hoping to collect significantly more content
in coming years, so I think it is reasonable to go about it differently.  I
_think_ my scheme will be good for that.
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Like Joomla?  I've struggled with Joomla some. So far I find it too
generalized for my taste.  I want to have full control, and I don't see how
I could do that with Joomla.  But that is yet another independent

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Thanks for mentioning that. Fortunately, I have complete control over the
chunks, even if I went out into the weeds by building them  first with HTML
headers and trailers.

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Briefly: What I meant is making sure that there's room to process that one
page that I didn't notice grew to 15 times the size of the rest of the
pages.  From what I've seen so far PHP has all sorts of cool, practical
tools and it will probably handle that just fine, possibly totally

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Can't argue with that.  Most of my index.php  is handcrafted in DW Code
View, not much different than I'd do with a text editor.   Of course my
design may be crappy, but so far it does what I expect of it and it hasn't
really broken.

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Thanks!  That is just what I wanted to know.  I spent some time searching
with terms like those and what I got was mostly sites offering me a
selection of existing templates, free or commercial.  Now I know  that I was
on the right track...

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Tasks like this are trivial to do in DW by keeping both the WYSIWYG (Design
View) window and the Code View window open at the same time.   When I first
saw that capability I thought, "Uh oh, this isn't going to work at all."
After some experience I'll say it doesn't work perfectly, but it isn't too
bad, either.

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No problem. I created a dedicated subdomain on the server that hosts the
existing site.  I've also had good results from using the built-in Apache
server on MacOS. Can work directly in the server tree -- don't even need to

[about parsing out header and trailer content at load time]
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Yeah, it is clear I need to wipe the headers and trailers on the host.  I'm
not a RegExp expert, but I think I can clean most of the files
semi-automatically.  DW supports site-wide searches with RegExp.

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Yep, my initial post said something like that.
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I haven't seen that.  Maybe you are thinking about DW's "design-time style
sheets" mechanism. You tag specific header CSS links as design-time only and
those links get auto-filtered out before files are uploaded to the server.
As I commented in an earlier post, the implementation seems a bit fragile to
me. (Because it is applied manually, on a file-by-file basis: I will
forget!)   There's an extension available from that
apparently applies this on a per-directory basis.  I haven't tried it yet.


Thanks to everyone!  My questions have been answered and I've learned a lot.


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