Left padding and IE

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Hello guys, I have a rather strange problem with IE (googled for it to
no avail)

I have these two styles in the css file, right?

#menu { left:13px; padding:13px 0 14px 247px; white-space:nowrap }

#menu a { padding:13px 11px 13px 11px  }

(I have removed some items that are not relevant to the problem)

The menu DIV contains some anchors, it's something like

<div id="menu">
    <a href="">1</a>
    <a href="">2</a>

Now, everything's fine in firefox and opera, if I resize the window
the menu will stay where it has to stay.
When I test it in IE, though, the menu "flips down" for some unknown
reason. Here's the snapshot of both browsers, where you can see that
IE pushes down the menu when resizing the window.


So I put the "height:13px" in the #menu style. The problem now

this is when window is fully open:

this is when window has been resized:

That's a 16px difference!

My solution was to put an invisible element <span
id="invisible">X</span> before the first <a> tag and it worked. But I
think this is not the correct solution.

What's the right way to fix this problem? Or is it a problem that IE
has so any workaround will do?

Here's the html code (without imgs):

Thanx everybody!



Re: Left padding and IE

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