Kindle authors: a warning

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I learned, the hard way, that one must take care not to create a defective  
Kindle book.  

Updates are not automatically distributed.  Defectives updated do not disappear.

Once a reader has a version, that version will be returned time and again,
rather than the corrected update. There is no notice or provision for updating.

I had to "contact" and query this.  I was manually given an update that I could
not otherwise obtain.  (thanks, kindle, for that service)

I was informed that Kindle's "technical people" are working on the problem.


Re: Kindle authors: a warning

On Sun, 12 Jul 2015 13:31:22 -0700, masonc wrote:
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That may be true.
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That is not accurate. I have received notices for a couple of updated  
editions. On the other hand, I saw an author make a comment about an  
updated edition being released, and I did not receive a notice.  

It seems that there is some sort of process, but not all authors  
follow it (perhaps because not all know about it).  

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Re: Kindle authors: a warning


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An excerpt from the KDP response to my problem:

"At the moment our system works in a way when your first bought version is the
one that will always come out even if you try to buy it again and again.

At this time, customers who bought your Kindle book aren't able to download
updates automatically. Our technical team is working on improving this process."

Re: Kindle authors: a warning

On Sun, 12 Jul 2015 21:01:11 -0700, masonc wrote:

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I suspect that if your updated version can be made different enough from
the prior (defective) version -- whether in title, or in ISBN number, or in
some other sufficiently major respect -- it will simply count as a
different unrelated eBook, and be offered to anyone who chooses to buy it.

It'll be up to you whether you want to refund those buyers their purchase
price or offer them a $0.00 purchase option for such an "upgraded" version,
and up to Amazon/Kindle whether they want to facilitate such treatment.

Ink-on-paper publishers certainly do charge full price for any future
revised edition(s), so Kindle may discourage free upgrades. Cheers, -- tlvp
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Re: Kindle authors: a warning

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Yes, you can publish a "different" book and *unpublish* the other.
ISBN is not used by Kindle but the author can assign an ISBN, as I do on
principle.  (Hopefully, buyers are content with what they have.)

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You don't know who the buyers were (privacy).

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There is a minimum and maximum price rule. Kindle Unlimited subscribers  
get them "free" as may buyers of the paperback if the author chooses.

The price of the Kindle cannot exceed the price of the paperback.
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Back to the present: upgrades are not available to previous purchasers except  
 -- at least for the author -- by appeal to authority.  For the present.

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