Keeping the footer at the bottom

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Hey everybody,

At the moment I am trying to build a website with a footer at the
bottom of the viewport if the amount of text is too small and at the
bottom of the page if there is enough text.

I'm trying to do this with well formed html and css (as much as
possible). On the internet I found this:

The demo comes from this tutorial:

It works properly in the demo but I can't get it to work properly in
FF with my own version. Somehow I can't get the footer to move up a
little in the case that there isn't enough text fill up to the bottom.
Which means I always get a scroll bar. In case you can't see what I
mean it might be since I have a widescreen monitor (although its not
much bigger that normal ones so you should have a problem seeing my

If you can't see the problem try going to this page: (it has little content)

My own version can be found here:
Login name: Donald
Pass: Rusiushr84

Hopefully anyone can help me.



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