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  You have accused me of forgery in using masoncXXX@XXXfrontal-lobe.info
as a spam-resistant e-mail address.

  Adults immediately recognize the superfluous XXX's and would delete them
if they wished to use my address.   I hope that Usenet address-collecting robots
will not do that.  I recommend such spoofing to all who post on Usenet.

  The purpose of forgery is to conceal identity.  My identity at
  http://frontal-lobe.info is not a secret any more than my e-mail
  address is a secret in masoncXXX@XXXfrontal-lobe.info

   I await your apology.



Re: Jukka K. Korpela

masoncXXX@XXXfrontal-lobe.info wrote:
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I wouldn't put money on you receiving one. Jukka dislikes any munging of
the address, personally I only find it objectionable when done
improperly which intrudes on a possibly valid domain. Some folks are
embolden and compelled to act like a jerk by anonymity. Like Jukka I
have never felt the need to hide my identity.

Take care,


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