JPG needs refresh button to appear

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Hi, I'm a newbie, hope I'm in the right place!

I have a simple web site which is a series of linked pages each
containing a caption, a single JPG and links to the next/previous
page. The HTML was generated by a utility I wrote in java, so all the
pages have essentially the same HTML - only the captions, JPG files
and links differ between pages.

It works fine except for one page (out of about 60). The jpg doesn't
load properly. The "loading" status goes to about 90% then stops. The
image does not appear until you click the Refresh button. Thereafter
there are no problems with viewing the page, presumably because the
jpg is now cached on the hard drive.

The image filesize is no larger than the others, in fact it's the
smallest image in the set (37K).

I've tried copying the HTML and the JPG file to the server again with
no success.

I'm using IE6. Any ideas gratefully received,

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