Internet Explorer 8 first 2 bugs

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Hello all,

Yesterday, I reported a crash bug (credits must go to Alan Gresley,
Antonio Bueno and Brett Merkey for discovering, reporting and figuring
out this bug) to Microsoft people. Later that same day, I got emails
from Microsoft and a few visits from an user agent with the "MSIE 8"
string. I double-checked carefully (Reverse DNS lookup and complete
WHOIS lookup) and I can say with absolute certainty that it was
Microsoft people in Redmond following up on that crash in IE 7
(involving button[value=3D"x"]). In fact, I've got over 400 hits since
January 15th 2008 from such user agent, always with the same first 7
digits as IP addresses. I also checked with some trustworthy people
(at and with D. Massy); the machines used to visit my
IE 7 browser bugs webpage were also very well equiped (SLCC1, .NET
3.5, Origami Experience 2, Windows Vista 64 bits), high-powered ones.

So, even though Internet Explorer 8 is still in alpha or pre-beta
state and not available to the public, I can say with certainty that
IE 8 still has not fixed 2 bugs related to favicon.ico

105 Bugs in Internet Explorer 7 for Windows

Bugs in Internet Explorer 8 for Windows /

Regards, G=E9rard

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