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I have been asked to assist some Veterans to overcome a problem they are
having in IE6 with the behaviour of internal links on some pages they
have written.


Their schema is to float a thumbnail link to the right of a para (say),
the para having the same id value as the name of full size image file
that is to be downloaded. The image is got using a get variable in a
query string which also links to the named id.
For the rewritten page the thumbnail image markup is ignored and the
full size image is placed beneath the para (instead of being floated)

Example query string:

The wanted behaviour is that the window will not scroll to the top of
the identified para.

The reason for the schema is that they are trying to respond to requests
for download bandwidth reduction for Veterans in remote Australian
locations while also providing larger images for Veterans with sight

The published page without thumbnail links is

The page being developed is

    The Problem

On every IE6 browser they have reports on, reputedly a couple of dozen
at least, the internal scrolling  behaves so randomly it confuses the

They report the problem seems to start with the fourth thumbnail link,
the Jeep Driver, the third instance of the full size image being
positioned under the identified para, (but not always).

I see this random behaviour.

Another of their pages exhibits a similar problem but in a more
exaggerated way

On this page the thumbnail links are in a line below the "Form Up"
heading.  When a link  is activated, a full size image is displayed
under para following the heading and the window is to scroll down to the
"Form Up" heading.


The behaviour seems to be related to displaying  the got full sized
image in a different position to the floated thumbnail. Could this be a
DOM problem in IE6 I wonder?

A |no cache| header could be sent but wouldn't this require all the
thumbnail files to be downloaded from the server rather than the browser
use those already in the local cache?  If so one of the main aims is

Any advise would be appreciated.

(I realise many of the images are of indifferent quality but they will
be fixed.)


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boclair wrote:
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  Apologies.  That last should have been


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