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Hi all,

I've trawled the archives in vain for a similar problem:

In building a client's site, I've got a menu section where each menu
heading sits in a table cell.  It's _paramount_ that the text of the
menu heading literally sits at the bottom of the cell, so that when
you add the table border, the text looks underlined (this is not the
reason why the text should sit at the bottom, but it is what the end
result should look like.)

I've got it working fine in IE and FireFox, but oddly when I look at
it in Safari, a 2-3 pixel gap appears between the bottom of text and
the bottom of the cell.

I've stripped everything else out of the page: but can't get the
text to touch the bottom of the table cell.

I'm guessing that it's me that's doing something wrong, not Safari -
any ideas?

BTW - I can't use the position tag for reasons relating to other parts
of the design, all I want is the text in the cell to literally touch
the bottom, and implemented as simply as possible! (I've been working
on just this problem for a couple of days now, and am starting to
dream in div tags!)

Any advice much appreciated.

Re: Interesting Safari Problem

Check out I used a DIV/SPAN
combo to do what you're looking for. Tested in Safari 1.2.4/OS X

Guess we both like oranges?

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