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How can I indent columns like using <table> <tr> and <td>. This html
item is a tree menu, I need to add multi columns to each node wihtout
using <table> shown as follow:

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The list is where the treemenu is built. Since I found the <table> or
<tr> <td> stop the expand and collaps from working, I may be need to use
something else to indent the "columns". What s the best way to do that
in html?


Re: indentation

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I thought I understood what you were asking, but on second reading I

(1) What's the URL of the existing page, the one that doesn't work as
you wish? What exactly is different from the way you want?

(2) It looks like yo in act have tabular data, a set of actions
possible for each item. If so, <table> _is_ what you want. Styling
tables to look right is why we have CSS.

(3) Have you validated your page? If not, see "Why we won't help
you" below.

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Re: indentation

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Tables are imo the proper mechanism to use for tabular data, and it
appears that you are displaying tabular data.  If something is
building a tree-menu in a table cell, I would suggest that you fix
what is broken.  I have PHP code that generates a tree menu in a table
cell and it works fine, there is nothing to my knowledge that
inherently breaks any kind of menu that you choose to place in a table

I suspect that you could use CSS to specify indentations for your
various columns, but it really does appear that you are presenting
tabular data and going to CSS for the layout of tabular data is imo
roughly equivalent to using tables for layout.

If you want to get specific about what the tree-menu looks like and
how it is breaking, perhaps I (or someone else) can help you with it.
If you are determined to use CSS for displaying tabular data perhaps
someone will be able to assist.


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