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Some years ago I tweaked the HTML provided for WebRing navigation code
so it would validate, but I left the nested tables in the code because
I didn't know better. More than a hundred pages of my web site belong
to different WebRings, and if I could delete all those nested tables
I'm sure Ockham would be happy.

The existing code I'm changing within <nonscript></nonscript> tags is
<table cellspacing="0" style="background: #808080; border: solid
#FF0000 2px;">
      <table cellpadding="2">
          <td align="center">
            This site is a member of WebRing.<br>
            To browse visit <a href=" ?

I changed it to

<p style="margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; background: #808080;
border: solid #FF0000 2px; padding: 2px; width: 18em;">
  This site is a member of WebRing.<br>
  To browse visit <a href=" ?

which I think is a heckuva improvement. The code still passes the
automated checker for WebRing, but is there a way to make it even
better and still render a similar appearance?


Re: improving webring code

On May 27, 8:34=A0pm, TheBicyclingGuitarist

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I forgot to post a URL. The new code is near the bottom of the page of

For comparison with the old code put "beagle-old.htm" in place of
"beagle.htm" in that URL. I don't want to post a direct link to the
old version because that page will be deleted once Bob is uncle to us

Re: improving webring code

On May 27, 8:34=A0pm, TheBicyclingGuitarist

Grrrr... I also just noticed that the WebRing "u-number" had two
different values in the code from how I was cutting and pasting from
another page while experimenting.
Both should be u=3D10087178. I corrected it online but my original post
contains that error before someone else points it out. It's irrelevant
to what is being discussed though.

Re: improving webring code

TheBicyclingGuitarist kirjoitti:

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Yes, outsourcing the embedded styles. (Now I see from your source code
that you have already done that, which begs the question: why the
above?) And change the P(aragraph) to a DIV(ision), if you aim for
perfection. The tell is the <br>. I can't recall a paragraph that would
need a break.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

This needs perhaps even more reformation than the underlying markup:

*) You are setting a background color without a foreground color. In my
environment the foreground color defaults to black and there is not
enough contrast to make the text legible.

*) "This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit <a...>Here</a>." I
have no idea what a WebRing would be. And even less of an idea about
where the "Here" link would take make. Things did not get any clearer by
following the link either. Anyways, the contents of the anchor (a
element) should describe the target, even when taken out of context.

Best wishes,

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