images display in IE7, not in Firefox

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On a web site I'm working on, some of the images display in IE7 but not in
Firefox 2.0. You can see it at
1.html. In the body of the poem, right before the text "Just the place for
a Snark," there's supposed to be an image which is also a link.

In Firefox View->Page Source, you can see the <a href=...> and the closing
</a> but the <img...> is blank. In IE, it's there. It's very weird. The
"rjwh" image at the top is also a link, and it displays in either browser.

Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks!

Russ Jones

Re: images display in IE7, not in Firefox

Russ Jones wrote:
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Hmmm, it works for me in FF 2.0.

If I'm looking at the right place, view source shows:
<p><a href="fit_1_1.html" target="_blank"><img
src="./images/thumbs/fit_1_1.gif" alt="image of the landing" width="150"
height="216" border="0" /></a></p>

I notice that this is the only place on the page where there is only one
leading period in the src= value.  In other places there are either no
leading periods or two.  This could end up pointing to the wrong
directory.  See , section 4 if you
are having trouble sleeping.

Also, though I doubt it's related, the validator reports that, for
XHTML, the target= and border= attributes are not part of the
specification (and hence should be ignored by compliant browsers).

   Chris Beall

Re: images display in IE7, not in Firefox

It DOES work in your FF 2.0? That's what I have. Very mysterious.

"./images/..." is the same as "images/..." - I was grasping at straws
there. There are two other images on that page without the dot-slash and I
don't see them either. The target attribute is part of the <a href> not the
<img>. I think Dreamweaver must have thrown in the border attr. I have the
borders suppressed in my CSS.

But it worked in your FF2. I hate that.

Thanks for looking at it!


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