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I created a rounded rectange using a graphic package. The fill color is
set to transparent. when I try to use it as a border for a table the
images is displayed and the table is placed below the image.
First can this be done? is so how?

My latest attempt is something like this

<table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=1 width=200 border=1 ID="Table1">
<img src="images/image4.jpg">
<td><a href="main1.html" target="main">one</a></td>
<td bgcolor="#9dacbd"><a href="main2.html" target="main">two</td>
<td bgcolor="#9dacbd"><a href="main3.html" target="main">three</td>
<td bgcolor="#9dacbd"><a href="main4.html" target="main">four</td>

I also tried to to create a table style with the image but that doesn't
work either.

Thanks for your help


Re: images and tables

coltrane wrote:
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<img> is not a permitted child of <table>. Put it inside one of the
table cells or set it as background image for the whole table depending
on what exactly you're trying to do..

And you're not using tables for layout are you? This is a genuine data
table, isn't it?


Re: images and tables

Yes, this is a real table. I want to have the table with a border with
rounded corners.
I couldn't find a good way of doing this.


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Re: images and tables

Okay, now that I think about it is not a table. I want a list of link
located with in a horizontal frame. I would like the list of links
located within a rounded rectangle.

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