IE8 Table TD tag and font-size - bug or standard compliant?

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Not sure if this is the right spot to post this question or not.
Please let me know.

I've searched high and low for some info about this, but I can't find

Testing in IE8, I've come across a problem where HTML such as the
following does not work as expected:

        <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
                <td background="1x1.gif"><img src="1x1.gif" border="0"></td>

1x1.gif is, as the filename suggests, a 1 pixel gif image.  I'd expect
that the TR row would be 1 pixel in height, for the width of the
browser window, but it is not.  The only way I can make this row 1
pixel in height is to specify a font-size of 1px or smaller in a style
attribute of the TD element (or remove the img tag within the TD).

Both firefox (latest) and IE7 work as I'd expect them to.  Do you
think this is a defect in IE8 or just a part of IE8's new standards
compliance?  If I switch to a mode other than Standard through the IE8
developer tool (quirks mode, for example), things are fine.

Re: IE8 Table TD tag and font-size - bug or standard compliant?

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Are you sure you're getting Firefox in strict mode? I would expect the
td to be higher than 1px since it contains an inline image which is
aligned to the baseline of the td.

There should therefore be a gap below the image equal to the font
descent of the td's font.

Set display: block (or vertical-align: bottom) on the img and it should
work as expected in strict mode in all conforming browsers.

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