IE table cells: borders overlap at large font settings

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I have a table of two columns and four rows.  The top two rows are
occupied by two cells each; the bottom two rows are set ROWSPAN=2.
(Yes, I'm using this for layout.  It's a legacy app.  I'm trying to
convince mgt. to do something else).  

The table's width is "100%" in CSS; the top two rows are "50%" and "50%"
respectively, the border is "2px solid blue", and the padding is set to
"0.4em".  I've also added the table attribute "CELLSPACING=2" because
that seems to be the only way to get IE's attention about table layout.

At large font settings, the borders overlap or, worse, bleed over one
another, making the display look terrible.

I've searched for some answer and found very little that's helpful.
Answers will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


Re: IE table cells: borders overlap at large font settings

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