i've a frame that to render its content on on machine

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I seem to be facing some kind of cache problem, at a guess. I wouldn't
mind some outside input.

Go here:

http://www.lauradenyes.com /

and then click on the link at bottom that says "Peru".

On IE on a PC there is a frame on the left that is showing up empty, a
blank white. However, on the other machines in our office, including
those PCs with IE, it is rendering correctly.

That sounds like a cache problem, though we have hit refresh 20 times
and we've turned off the browser and restarted it. The problem remains.

The problem is showing up on a machine that also happens to have the
largest monitor of any of our computers, so my other theory about this
problem was that perhaps the large screen size was adding to the
problem somehow.

Any ideas?

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