i need feedback regarding a content management system.

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We are again going to try to do a public beta test of the PHP/MySql
stuff we've been working on. We are looking for all kinds of criticism.
We put a site up here:

http://www.publicpen.com/designer /

On the left you'll see a link that says "login". You can click that to
get to the  control panel. Use this username and password to log in:

username: design
password: design123

Create and delete pages, add comments, edit the template, etc. You
should also be able to edit the control panel itself. Please don't do
anything stupid.

Be warned, I haven't updated our software package (for download) in a
year, so the software that is up and ready for download is hopelessly
old. It is one of those things I hope to get to soon.

We'd like to know what you hate and like about the software.

We'd like to do more work regarding the look of the software. If anyone
does an especially good new design of the control panel, we might
consider buying it from you. No guarantees, though.

We tried this public test a year ago and one big complaint was that the
HTML was too cluttered. I'm afraid it is still cluttered, though it can
be edited from the control panel. Anyone who comes up with a cleaner
design should talk to us about it. Perhaps we can work out a deal.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to look.

Re: i need feedback regarding a content management system.

lkrubner@geocities.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This is just for the opening page:

The markup fails validation.

You CSS does not validate.

Some of the text is unreadable because the size is
set too small.  It might be better not to set text size
at all.  A size of 13 pixels is not large enough for many people.

The page depends heavily on divs and classes.  Move to more
semantic markup, directly accessed instead of through classes.
Menus might be lists instead of divs, for instance.

Any time you see heavy use of <br> you know that CSS is likely
not being handled well.

The colors are quite beautiful, but the links could use a bit
more contrast with the background.
(New v. 1.5)

Re: i need feedback regarding a content management system.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I appreciate your feedback and thank you for your effort. However, we
are not working on the page you looked at. Our concern is wholly with
the control panel, that is, what you see after you log in.

I suspect it too fails validation, so it is probably best if people
wait a few more months, and then I'll ask for some feedback again.

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