Hyperlinking to local zipfile contents?

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Okay, this is the super-newsgroup that always helps me out when I'm really
confused. I'd be super grateful if one of your always helpful experts could
please afford me some of their knowledge and expertise.

I'm writing a document that guides a customer on how to use some of my
microcontroller code. From within the software guide I propose to hyperlink
to various files, located relative to the guide's eventual local access
position. For uncompressed file types I can simply do something like:

<a href="./example_file.pdf" target="_blank">./example_file.pdf</a>

What I really need to do, however, is to hyperlink to various types of files
that are located within local copies of compressed zipfiles. ie. files like

I'd like to have them simply pop-up for my customer when he hits a
hyperlink, rather than sending him on an involved hunt for the referenced,
most likely compressed, documents.

I've tried MS Word hyperlinks and PDF documents to no avail. Surely it can
be done with a little HTML and javascript or similar, but how?

Any clues, anyone?


Re: Hyperlinking to local zipfile contents?

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I doubt you can path from a zipped file to something in the
zipped file. But one never knows in this complex world!

Best to think the whole thing through and either manage your zip
files in a logical manner so that, for example, the only thing in
the compressed files are things likely to be useful to anyone who
downloads it and uncompresses it or list all your files and offer
them individually (individually compressed or not).

Depending on the details, you can put a Read Me in the folder to
be compressed which has a directory to the rest of the files in
the folder. I do this with artwork files that are to be always
available to printing companies: there are previews, text
instructions, sometimes fonts, and a few alternative file types
(.ai/.eps) to give choice to the printers. All compressed as some
of the files inside are rather large. But the point here is that
the contents are by and large all relevant and useful so it pays
to transmit in zip, and for users to unzip.


Re: Hyperlinking to local zipfile contents?

On 3/28/10 9:50 AM, Modafinil wrote:
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Discuss this with your Web host administrator.  Some Web servers have
the capability of compressing hosted files (not necessarily ZIP
compression) that most browsers can decompress.


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