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I am trying to use get http: to access a web site and parse the html

I open a socket and send a request across of the form
GET address http/1.0 where address is the specifics i am trying to log

the code works with web sites such as
" "
The http protocol header is removed.
The connection onto the socket is made on ""
and the get is done on hthe address GET "/instantfigures.asp" http/1.0.

This is successful and the html is successfuly returned.

However, when i try to do exactly the same with the following web site.
",39140985&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&screen=detailref&language=en&product=EUROIND&root=EUROIND/shorties/euro_cp/cp240 "
I get returned  "ERROR 400 - Bad Request  - your browser sent a message
the server could not understand"

I use exactly the same method to perform the call.
remove the http:
connect to the socket on ""
and perform my http on

I assume all the ? and , are some sort of parameter list, and i can
find no documentation to help me understand this.
If anyone could help me or know when to find the relevant information
from i would be most grateful

Re: http: get - HELP

anthony wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It works when I do it via telnet. But not with quotes around the URL, or
with "get" in lower case.

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