HTML5 and Multidimensional Table View

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I just scanned the HTML5 spec real quick and paid an attention to its
entry on Table element.  I'm a bit disappointed that it does not seem
to support multidimensional view of Tables, by which, I mean, if we
could display a Table with a degree (angle), then it could look like

      -------------------       -------------------
     /  data set 1  /     /  data set 2  /
    /------------------/     /-------------------/
    ------------------      --------------------
    \ data set 3  \     \ data set 4     \
     \ ---------------  \     \------------------- \

Hence, they are not linear, instead multidimensional.  And if each
data set is a high level view then all the key ideas/points would
stand out right away, upon click each can displays detailed info...

Yes, the above is doable with some fancy graphics package but if HTML5
can support it as a standard why do we have to mess up with third
party non-standard stuff?

Or probably the above is already supported by HTML5 standard, by some
other element, it's just that I don't know better.  Please correct
where appropriate.

Thank you for your time.

Re: HTML5 and Multidimensional Table View

Don84 wrote:
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Maybe it's me, but even with my monotype font, I don't know what you're
trying to depict here.

Re: HTML5 and Multidimensional Table View

On Oct 6, 10:30=A0am, Harlan Messinger
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I think the OP wonders why HTML5 doesn't mention anything about three-
dimensional tables that look like this:

where a collection of stocks is on the nw-to-se axis; the sw-to-ne
axis is time; and the z-axis is some kind of magnitude, perhaps the
price gain of each stock.

Someone has taken the trouble to describe a way to organize the data
points for a 3-D table in HTML4: /


-- ben

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