HTML to support column-count

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Doing a hobby web site at which I intend
to eventually style with CSS3.

I would like to make a two column layout available via the column-count
mechanism, for groups of paragraphs between each heading. This would be
for Safari and Firefox, since these are probably the only browsers to
have experimental support for column-count  My initial HTML test case is
very simple, just a series of paragraphs after each heading, as shown

So far the only way I can see to group paragraphs, so that column-count
applies two columns to them as a group, is to add an otherwise
superfluous DIV around each collection of paragraphs, as shown here

The HTML for these pages is valid. The CSS is valid for CSS3, except for
the -webkit- and -moz- experimental items. I am not expecting nor
attempting to make this work with Internet Explorer.

Can anyone suggest whether there is a way to treat the paragraphs
between headings as a group, without using a DIV? I get the feeling that
were I better with selectors, I could find some way to do that without a


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