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I tried using the W3C HTML Tidy service ( /
tidy) for this webpage 's%20misstraat.htm
but it results in a http 403 error. I'm pretty sure that it's because
of the %20 in the url but I don't know how to work around that...


Re: HTML Tidy service problem

Veerle wrote:
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Don't use spaces in your URL's?

Take care,


Re: HTML Tidy service problem

Jonathan N. Little wrote:

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..or apostrophes...   (or other weird characters)

Errors found while checking this document as XHTML 1.0 Transitional!
Result:   281 Errors, 1 warning(s)

I'd blame the whole mess on FrontPage!  There is also about 20 kilograms
of extraneous CSS in there as well.

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Re: HTML Tidy service problem

On 14 feb, 00:06, "Beauregard T. Shagnasty"
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It's not my page! I agree weird characters should not be used in a url
but for this one it's not up to me. IE7 en Firefox don't seem to have
a problem with the white space in the url. I'd really like to be able
to use the W3C service on the page in order to turn the page into
valid xml so that I can parse the content.

Re: HTML Tidy service problem

Veerle wrote:
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No, it's the apostrophe.

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The result on the Tidy page when I try it is a clear and simple

"sorry, I can't handle addresses with ' in them"

So if this isn't your page and you can't get the owner to rename it,
then you are done with the Tidy idea. Your next hope is to just use the
results from the validator and make the changes manually. (Wondering:
how can you change the content when you can't change the filename?)

But don't give up on Tidy; it's available for download, so maybe you can
use it locally in the same way you were trying to use it online.

Last but not least: from what I see of that page and its source, the
best recommendation is probably to -- say it with me everybody --  start
over and build the page from scratch (without any MS Office product).


Possessive "its" has no apostrophe. Even on the Internet.

Re: HTML Tidy service problem

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Thanks for your answer. This website is from the school my kids go to
(kindergarten + elementary school). One of the parents created and
manages the website so that we, the other parents, can see some nice
pictures taken at school, check out the school calendar, see which
teachers teach in which grades, .... I know the html isn't any good,
some stuff doesn't even show up in Firefox so that I have to use IE
espessially for this site. Also the content of the website doesn't
change very frequently. I check if there are changes about once a
week, for example the photo page, but mostly there are no changes.
When there are changes, for example new photo's, then maybe my kids
are on them, so I would like to see them. So I got the idea to run the
photo page through the tidy service so that it changes into valid xml.
Then I can use a mashup editor like Yahoo pipes to turn the html table
with photo albums into a feed of photo albums. I can then put the feed
on my iGoogle page. And when new photo albums are created, I see it
straight away on my iGoogle page. That was the idea....

Of course I can try to contact the website admin and try to tell him
what he does wrong. That his html should be valid. That all the layout
stuff should be in a css. That the urls shouldn't contain weird
charactars. But in the end, this man obviously doesn't know anything
about html and just tries to do a good job using Frontpage or
whatever. The website exists for informing the parents and it serves
it goal very well. I know I could create a website that is a lot
better. The site would look better and would pass all of the W3C tests
for html and css. But I don't have the time to do it and I don't want
to discourage the man who is doing this job for now probably in a
minimum of spare time.


Re: HTML Tidy service problem

Veerle wrote:
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If one can find a web site creation tool that produces valid HTML, then
it would be easy to persuade the website admin to use it. Unfortunately
I have not yet seen such a tool! Only hand-tooled code seems to be able
to be fully validated and justified.

- Rick

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