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Re: HTML source code

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* Use <p> to mark up paragraphs not <br>

* Control the maximum width of a text line, as more than 15 words
(roughly) becomes hard to read. Try setting

p { max-width: 50em; }

* There's no white space around the text block. This makes it harder
to read as well.  It's now easy for most non-mobile devices to display
a line at the longest readable length anyway, so there's no need for
this "We can't afford white space, we need it all for the content"

* The CSS is horrible Word stuff. It's a trivially simple page, you
don't need this.

This page _should_ be a very simple text paste into some pre-existing
template. If your end result is more effort than this, yet looks
worse, ask yourself if that's an effective way to be working. You
could do this stuff through a blog engine (turn comments off if you
wish) and it would be better.

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