HTML newsletter - correct technique?

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I'm looking for a technical primer regarding programming correct HTML
newsletters. E.g. I remember reading about inline jpegs to avoid
attachment problems and the like :-)

Thanks for your hints / links and ideas.

Best regards,

Re: HTML newsletter - correct technique?

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It sounds like you want to e-mail html-formatted newsletters to
people, complete with graphics.

My suggestion is, don't.  Instead, send your subscribers a short
text paragraph together with a link to the newsletter, which would
be somewhere on your web server.  That way, subscribers who don't
like to use the same program for e-mail and web browsing are happy,
and you reduce  the risk that your newsletters will get flagged as
spam by content filters.

Personally, I hate getting html newsletters, and I have my
e-mail client set to not display images at all (linked,
attached, or inline).

Re: HTML newsletter - correct technique?

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HTML-only (evil, and a common mark of phishing spam) isn't the same
thing as properly-coded multipart HTML + plaintext.

I'll happily read a HTML + plaintext email, even if I only ever read
the plaintext. It's HTML-only that goes straight into the killfile.

Re: HTML newsletter - correct technique?

On 4/3/2008 6:59 AM, Andreas Müller wrote:
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Compose the newsletter as a Web page and upload it to a Web server.
Then send a brief E-mail message to your subscribers with the link to
the Web page.  This way, you can keep all prior issues available.  Then,
when you have a new article that updates something from a prior issue,
you can put a link in the new article to the prior article.

As for sending HTML-formatted E-mail, see my
< .

David Ross

Have you been using Netscape and now feel abandoned by AOL?
Then use SeaMonkey.  Go to < .

Re: HTML newsletter - correct technique?

Hello, Davids :-)

Thanks to both of you for your for your advice, which I will follow.

Best regards,

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