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I have a web page that I designed using frame so I have mainpage.htm
which is made up of side1.htm banner1.htm body1.htm. the Body1.htm has
hovver buttons that hyperlink to another page I designed in asp code.
all working just great. Just one minor issue I need help with. on the
asp page I have a RETURN button as well as a BACK button the back
button works great. It is the return button that I have an issue with.
The code of the return button is sending the user back to the main
Site page which it does with no problem. But what happens is the main
site page is placed in the body1.htm section of IE view. the side1.htm
and banner1.htm still are showing.
I need a method to return the user back to a full view of the main
site page. How do I get them out of the frame using a button?

Here is my code

<p align="center">
<input type="button" value="Print" Onclick="print()" ;> <input
type="button" value="BACK!"onClick="history.back();">
<input type=button value="Return" onClick="goToURL()"></form>
<!-- Begin
function goToURL() { window.location = " "; }
//  End -->

The site is internal only until my dns records are updated with my
site provider so you will not be able to get there to see

I hope you can figure this out from what I posted

Thanks in advance for any help


Re: HTML Newbie Java ASP help

On 11 Feb, 02:44, wrote:
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This is too complex a problem, with too many things wrong with it. So
start by simplifying it.

Forget the ASP, just work with plain HTML for the moment. Get that
working first.

Ditch the JavaScript. You only need it for Back and Print, not for
Home. It's not a good idea to implement Back & Print on a web site
anyway - browsers already have perfectly good controls for doing that,
and the users are more familiar with them.

Ditch the <form>  You don't need "buttons" or <input> here, just use
normal <a href="..." >...</a> links.  If you want to make them _look_
like "buttons" later on, you can do that.

Throw away whatever tutorial you've been using so far, it's not good,
well outdated, and is teaching some poor practices. I'd strongly
suggest "Head First HTML" instead.

Abandon the frames. They never worked well, they're a pain. Find a
more modern way of doing the layout (just web search, or else adapt
the "three column" from If you want to share menu code
between pages, either use SSI, or else a decent editor.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Use <a href="/" target="_top" >Home</a>


Use some CSS (afterwards!) to make this look like a button if you want.

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