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On my website I routinely make use of anchors such as:

     <a name="shipping">SHIPPING</a>

and a link to them such as:

     <a href="#shipping">Go to Shipping information</a>

These work fine on IE.

For my eBay auctions I have created a HTML template with the same
anchor and link code.  When saved on eBay as a real listing they will
not work as the links don't know the anchor is on that page.

I have looked at other eBay listing templates that do the same thing
and they have the links appear to have the complete path including the
eBay listing number, etc.  This is impractical to do as you would have
list the item, get the path and revise it updating the links.

In my HTML reference books I have not found anything that addresses
this situation.  Any ideas out there?  Is it something that you can't
do on an eBay listing?

Thank you for any responses,

Re: HTML Link to an Anchor - eBay Listing Template wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

How well do they work on *decent* browsers, like Mozilla?

Actually, that's perfectly standard code, so it should work in all

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Do they actually have the full path in the links, as seen when you view
the source of the page, or is it just showing up that way when you
mouseover the link in the browser?

Both formats, with a full link and with a relative link consisting only
of the fragment identifier, are legal, but the relative form is best if
you want it to work no matter what URL the page is placed at.  However,
it's possible the Ebay software messes with the format of the links
when they're posted or viewed.  Also, it is necessary that any anchors
you include are unique in the entire page; since your code gets
inserted into the middle of a template, there may be other anchors
elsewhere in the Ebay-generated code, and they could possibly conflict
with yours.


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