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Hi All,

We use Outlook as our email client, go figure.

Anyhow, we have an application that creates a file and sends it to
several people in ur company.  They want the emails to have different
color text and fonts.

Right now, the program simply creates a file on disk with all the HTML
tags in it, and then uses a stored Java routine our Oracle  database to
send the email.  But the email arrives with all the tags visible and no

How can we do this?  How is it different from typing in an email in
Outlook, and then going and changing the font color or size?

Thanks in advance.


Re: HTML in Outlook wrote:

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You must set the 'Content-Type' header of the email to 'text/html'. It is
probably set to 'text/plain' or is absent (which implies 'text/plain').

If your 'file on disk' already can contain mail headers that the Java
routine correctly handles, add the line 'Content-Type: text/html'. (Do the
files have lines like "From:" or "To:" followed by a blank line before the content of the

Otherwise you have to ask your local Java/Oracle guy to modify the routine.

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Re: HTML in Outlook

   at 06:37 AM, said:

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That's as it should be; the Internet is not the WWW. The proper
language for e-mail is plain text ASCII text, or properly labelled
text in another character set. The recipient might be using e-mail
software that does not recognize inappropriate HTML or might have
disabled the rendering of HTML for security reasons.

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You can't. Render the message as text before you send it.

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It isn't; that's not appropriate for e-mail either. You should only do
that if you know that the recipient has software compatible with
lookout's proprietary formats.

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