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In php this header statment,
 header("Location: mls_Read_change_verify_email.php");
will jump to that location as a new window. In native html link you can have
a browser window link tag such as, _top, _self, or _new.  What header would
I use in php to acompany the above header statement so it opens in the same
browser window?

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I doubt it. HTTP headers (which is what you are setting through PHP -
invalidly, BTW[1]) have no concept of "windows".

[1] It needs to be an absolute URI, e.g.

Mark Parnell
Thankyou blinkynet!

Re: Html Headers

Mark Parnell wrote:

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This depends on what you call HTTP. The HTTP 1.1 specification has no
such concept, but HTTP is by nature an open protocol which allows
headers to be added by other specifications or by private agreements.
Netscape once made a private agreement on Window-Target with itself, see
Luckily it seems that the idea was abandoned later.

Re: Html Headers wrote:
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There isn't one. Ordinarily the Location header accompanies Status
headers that tell the user agent that the resource named in the Location
header should be requested *instead of* the resource originally
requested, not in addition to it. In those cases, there wouldn't be any
reason to open a new window--what would appear in the original window?

Re: Html Headers

Harlan Messinger wrote:
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Wait--did you get new-window and same-window backwards?

Re: Html Headers

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It does?  What broken browser does that?  It opens the new page in the
same window on every browser I have tried.

Also, the location needs to be a complete URI, not a relative location.


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