HTML Form post to popup-window

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I launched a modal popup window with code like:
<script language="javascript">
function modalWin() {
if (window.showModalDialog) {
} else {'MyPage1.asp,'MyPopup',

so can see that the popup window name is MyPopup, with MyPage1.asp

In MyPage1.asp, I got FORM statement to post

<form method="POST" action="MyPage2.asp" onsubmit="return
confirmStart()" id="submitform" name="sform" target="_self">

I have tried with Target="_self" or target="MyPopup", but still it
will open another new popup window. Why?

Since I already have MyPopup windows, for any form post, I want it to
be at the same window.
Meaning that the popup window name is STILL be the same MyPopup, with

Can you help ?


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