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Hey all,

First off, i'm horrible at any type of HTML, so I approligise in
advance :)

I am using this line of code to directly open up folders on a server.
The PC can open the folder and put files into it aswell as launch
files from this folder:

 <td align=center >
<a target="_blank"href="\servername\Intranet$\sales">Sales Tools</a>

Simplistic, but for now it works.


I have some MAC machines(various OS) that are located offsite but that
connect via VPN that need to do the same thing as the PC machines.
They need to click a link, it opens a folder that they can launch or
send files to.  How can I do this in basic html?
Note:  I have no problem with them having to enter a username and
password to authenticate if there is a need..

Sorry for my lack of precision....I don't know HTML or the terminology
very well....

Thank you,


Re: HTML Folder View MAC/PC?

Scripsit Al:

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Approlegy not axepted. Ignorance is curable: just start learning HTML.
Do it before you try to use it.

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For some odd values for "work". Not in World Wide Web terms.

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This group is about HTML authoring for the World Wide Web.

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You cannot.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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