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About once a week, I post an FAQ pointer in this newsgroup
under the same heading as this post. That pointer has two purposes:

1. To keep regulars from having to post the standard answers to standard
   questions again and again; if you have a standard question, you might
   save yourself some time by first reading the available material for
   this group (i.e. FAQs, tutorials & references).

2. To let posters know what other newsgroups exist where their questions
   might get better answers. (E.g. posts about Javascript should go to
   comp.lang.javascript, or maybe comp.infosystems.www.authoring.misc)

The FAQ pointer was last updated on: May 13th, 2002

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Re: HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List

use a pound of ground pork instead.
The secret to great meatballs, is to use very lean meat.

1 lb. ground flesh; human or pork
3 lb. ground beef
1 cup finely chopped onions
7 - 12 cloves garlic
1 cup seasoned bread crumbs
˝ cup milk, 2 eggs
Italian seasoning, etc.
Tomato gravy (see index)
Fresh or at least freshly cooked spaghetti or other pasta

Mix the ground meats together in a large bowl,
   then mix each of the other ingredients.
Make balls about the size of a baby?s fist
   (there should be one lying around for reference).
Bake at 400°for about 25 minutes -
   or you could fry them in olive oil.
Place the meatballs in the tomato gravy, and simmer for several hours.
Serve on spaghetti.
Accompany with green salad, garlic bread and red wine.

Newborn Parmesan

This classic Sicilian cuisine can easily be turned into Eggplant Parmesan
If you are planning a vegetarian meal. Or you could just as well use veal -
after all, you have to be careful - Sicilians are touchy about their young
family members...

6 newborn or veal cutlets

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