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Re: C.I.W.A.H. FAQ (was: HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List)

JRS:  In article <dr2jc1500u7cjhnf125q71rjq0aim9vk5u@news.spartanicus.ut>, dated Mon, 4 Jul 2005 19:36:25, seen in news:comp.infosys
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Since the purpose of a FAQ is to render unnecessary the posting and
answering of frequent questions, your observation is consistent with the
hypothesis that the present postings are working.

ISTM that only one FAQ post a week is needed, and that it should not be
substantially bigger than the sum of the present two.

ISTM that, for FAQs located on the Web, one should distinguish between
(A) a FAQ of a newsgroup and (B) a FAQ of the topic of a newsgroup. (A
FAQ primarily distributed in a newsgroup should be a FAQ of the group.)

IMHO, the FAQs at htmlhelp are topic FAQs rather than newsgroup FAQs;
their editors, if extant, are independent of the newsgroup.  They should
always be described as such; the only FAQs *of* this group are what
Boris A posts here each week.

When a newsgroup FAQ located on the web is significantly changed, the
changes ought to be made known to the group; for a topic FAQ, they can
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Re: C.I.W.A.H. FAQ (was: HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List)

On Sun, 3 Jul 2005 07:53:23 +0000 (UTC), Darin McGrew


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IMO monthly would suffice, unless it's been updated, in which case I
think it be nice to see the new Q and A when the change is made. I
also don't think it's necessary to post the whole faq; a pointer to
the webpage should be sufficient.


Nick Theodorakis
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