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Hopefully, someone can resolve this! On my website, I'm suddenly encountering
problems with the HTLM Editor saving my
*.doc file as a *.html file. I've never encountered this before and am curious
if something has changed in the editor or the fault lies with something I'm
doing! I'm using the geocities HTML editor.

Go to: , then click on "Helbron". There should
be 3 images displayed on the first page: 2 photos and one small image. Now, when
I save the *.doc file as a *.html file, the two photos sometimes appear and
times not! The tree image, which appears on all of the other webpages, does not
appear in the HELBRON.html file. My source for these images are: image002.jpg,
image004.jpg, and image006.gif, respectively.

Another related issue - I use Word's "smart quotes" on this page but when saved
in the editor, sometimes they appear as small squares. This also appears to be
an intermittent thing!

What is wrong here? Thanks!


Re: HTML Editor Problem

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Bill Helbron

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Geocities is NOT an HTML editor.  It is a web based application that
accepts user input, stores it in a database, and spits out the data when
the page is requested.

The initial page has 85 errors, [ ?
uri= /], the page you are talking about
has 1,788 errors and 13 warnings [ ?
uri= ].  

You would do well if you looked at some HTML tutorials.  HTML Dog
[ /] has good tutorials.  I also suggest a plain text
editor, as it will make fixing the 1,788 errors easier if you can go line
by line.  HTML-Kit [ /] is a good editor, has
syntax highlighting, tag completion, and it's free.

Adrienne Boswell at Home
Arbpen Web Site Design Services
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Re: HTML Editor Problem

Hello to all respondees!

Thanks for all your comments! I took Adrienne's suggestion and downloaded the
HTMLKit, opened my HTML file, made appropriate changes, then saved and uploaded
to my site. Everthing worked perfectly, including the "smart quotes", which some
of you recommended not using! In defense, I'm been using them for years and all
my uploads show results as I intended. It would appear that the editor used by
Geocities is causing the problem, at least in this particular case! So I will
"let sleeping dogs lie" for the present!


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Re: HTML Editor Problem

On 04/22/09 09:16 am, Bill Helbron wrote:
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  If you test your pages with just one browser, you do not really know if
everyone who visits your site gets the same experience you do.

jmm (hyphen) list (at) sohnen-moe (dot) com
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Re: HTML Editor Problem

On 4/21/2009 2:04 PM, Bill Helbron wrote [in part]:
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"Smart quotes" are not smart at all.  See the following:

"Dan's Web Tips: Characters and Fonts" at

"DEMORONISER: Correct Moronic Microsoft HTML" at

and my own "Writing for the Internet" at


David E. Ross
< .

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"Why NOT Road Rage?" or "Why Is There No Such
Thing as Fast Enough?"

Smart quotes (was: HTML Editor Problem)

David E. Ross:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

| ...while code-numbers in the 8000 range are part of the Unicode
| standard, they are not part of the HTML specification. This further
| supports my position that character references (based on code-numbers)
| should not be used.  

HTML does allow these character references.

What's wrong with "smart quotes"?


Re: Smart quotes (was: HTML Editor Problem)

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But it's better to use the &ldquo; &rdquo; form of entities than using
the numeric code versions (at least, that's what the fragment you
quote seems to be saying!)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Because MS smart quotes in Word documents aren't automatically
converted to &ldquo; &rdquo;  Whether or not they show up correctly
for every user in their chosen OS/browser combination is a bit of a

Re: Smart quotes (was: HTML Editor Problem)

David Stone:

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I don't think it is saying that.

Anyway, entering U+201C, for example, by character reference (&#8220;) is
not ruled out by anything in the HTML specification.

Besides, entity references in HTML are replaced with the corresponding
character reference:

<!ENTITY ldquo   CDATA "&#8220;" -- left double quotation mark,
                                    U+201C ISOnum -->

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Let me rephrase. What's wrong with entering "smart quotes" by character
reference or as raw data in, say, UTF-8?


Re: Smart quotes

John Dunlop schrieb:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Wrong? Nothing. Problematic? Well, you've to send the correct
Contetn-Type-header if the browser should not display nonsense... Of
course that's not a "problem", but it would not matter if only
ASCII-characters are used (and you do not send "Unicode" or "UTF-16" as

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