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I know a lot about HTML and now I'm teaching myself PHP to make my
pages more dynamic. However, all this time, I have no clue what the
difference is between .HTML files and .HTM files. Someone told me that
.HTM files were newer than .HTML files. Another source said that .HTM
files worked better with links or something.

Re: .HTML and .HTM

The Numerator wrote:

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Not a lot about Usenet though. I just answered this in alt.html. Don't

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Re: .HTML and .HTM


Numerator wrote:
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There is no difference.  You can give an HTML file whatever extension you
wish; it's only by convention that .htm and .html are used.  (If you don't
follow this convention, though, you may need to manually tell your
operating system, web server, or other application that the file is an
HTML file.)

Historically, .htm was used on systems that supported a maximum of three
characters in the file extension; such systems are rare nowadays.


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Re: .HTML and .HTM

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They are both the same.

The .html extension came first.  The .htm extension came from
Microsoft, because when Microsoft got around to noticing the World
Wide Web, there was still a huge installed base of Windows 3.0
operating systems.  Under DOS and Windows 3.0, files extensions were
limited to 3 characters.  So Microsoft had no choice but to shorten
.html to .htm.  And people who developed HTML files under Windows
also had to use the .htm extension.

In that sense, .htm is "newer" but only because Microsoft couldn't
handle the full ".html" in its file names.

Web servers treat both the same way; there's no difference.
Generally, if your pages are served by a unix or Linux server,
you'll use .html files.  Even Microsoft servers now support .html,
so there's little reason for .htm anymore.


Re: .HTML and .HTM

In our last episode,
the lovely and talented The Numerator
broadcast on comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html:

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There is no difference whatever.  .htm was used by lame systems that
could only deal with three-letter extension (Hi, Microsoft!).

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