HTML 5 - the evolving tag soup

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As you can see from the W3C main page now, , or from the
press release , the Consortium
has decided that HTML 5 is a good idea if they define it.

They want to be "compatible" wth "'classic HTML' parsers", which presumably
means that HTML 5 documents must make sense when rendered by existing tag
soup processors.

They also want all kinds of widgets and gadgets and extras, as outlined at

I didn't find anything referring to a semantically richer language, so this
probably won't be another HTML 3. Rather, it'll be HTML 4 extended with
<embed> (under a different name), if you see what I mean.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: HTML 5 - the evolving tag soup

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More to the point, the parsing algorithm for HTML5 should cope with
existing content. HTML5 should degrade reasonably gracefully as well.

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Apple, Opera and Mozilla have proposed that the new HTML WG adopt WHATWG
HTML5 as the starting point.

Henri Sivonen /
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