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Hello Folks:

When I asked for help in the past a few of you commented on the
approach I was trying to take in my design.

I am about to start designing a page for  our local pizza parlor. He
showed me a page one of his buddies in the business has, and asked me
to copy it. I am working on convincing him that I should come up with
an original design.

His buddy's "menu" page intrigued me the most. Currently it is a JPG
of, what I guess, is a flier. Probably done in Photoshop:

How would the experts in this page do this page?

Style sheets?

I did a few pages like this in the past, and controlling the spacing,
fonts, etc. with tables get to be a challenge. I would do the tables
in a spreadsheet where I had more control, then copy them over to my
html editor. It worked remarkably well. But there are photos on this



Re: How would you design this page?

In article

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Why is it intriguing? The menu is just a picture.

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Tables is not something opposed to stylesheets, you can style a
table with CSS. Perhaps you mean would anyone prefer not to use a
table. It would be possible. But it looks like information that
is well suited to an HTML table.


Re: How would you design this page?

On 2010-05-08 01:52, A. Deguza wrote:
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You can copy the good ideas without copying the design.  And you don't
want to copy the bad ideas.

The menu page weighs almost 2.5M.  As step 1, I suggest that you divide
the menu into multiple pages, e.g. with one page being "Specialty Meat".

Excess use of graphics not only fattens the page, but also creates
increased maintenance costs when the menu or prices change, or when menu
specials change.  You can do something really well with text, minimal
graphics, and clever layout.  For example, a column of one page of the
menu could have a background graphic like the starburst olive coloured
top, a second background graphic for the parchment-like paper, and a
photo of each product:  pretty well everything everything else can be text.

Design the site to accommodate various display sizes, even iPhones:
this will help you avoid the mental trap of designing for a particular

Dump the Flash.

You need a photo of each product.  You might be able to get some free
pizzas out of this.

Re: How would you design this page?

A. Deguza schrieb:
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Change "Menu Pirces"?

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