how to wrap this single long name in a table?

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This following table is populated with data pulled out from a backend
database and published on a website.   Right now, most name fields have
a lot white space due to some names are too long.

Smith, James                            29
Fooooooooooooo, Baaaaaaarrr    40
Knight, Mary                              21

How should the table structure be defined so long names could be
automatically wrapped as shown below?

Smith, James       29
Fooooooooooooo, 40
Knight, Mary         21

Thanks in advance for any help,


Re: how to wrap this single long name in a table?

Never mind.  I've figured it out.  I just noticed the html code had
<nobr> defined in the first column of the table.  Removing <nobr> made
the table's width adjust fine.


Re: how to wrap this single long name in a table? wrote:

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Although you later commented that you had solved the problem by removing
<nobr> markup, I just have to remark that you have described the problem all
wrong. Saying that someone's name is too long is almost an insult. Saying
that the width available for a name is too narrow is a statement of a fact,
often related to wrong design of some data processing application.

Generally, a person's name should be kept on one line in a table. It might
even be advisable to use markup (e.g., <td nowrap>) to achieve this. Whether
this is practical depends on the table as a whole.

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