How to load first.html into a certain

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Assume I have a HTML web page with a pre-defined <div> ...</div> area.

When the users clicks now on a certain link on this web page (outside or inside
this "div" area)
then the content of a file say "first.html" (currently still on the server)
should be loaded
and filled into the existing <div>...</div> area in the current Web page and

How can I do this in detail?


Re: How to load first.html into a certain
area? (Patricia Mindanao) writes:

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You can't do this without using some sort of server-side support.
That probably makes it off-topic here but I am not sure where this
sort of question belongs.

First, if you succeed (and it can be done) you will run into other
problems since a full HTML page is not permitted inside a DIV (see the
other recent thread on that topic).  It is best if the "injected"
material is a fragment -- specifically only those things that are
valid inside a DIV.

Second, you need to use some form of server-side include, together
with some mechanism that identifies what page is to be inserted (if it
always "first.html" then I would just have two static pages one with
an one with out the included text).

You could specify the page in the URL like this:

  <a href="outline.html?page=first.html">

whilst inside the <div>...</div> one could have a small piece of PHP
that includes the specified file (usually after checking the value to
prevent malicious uses).

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I'll leave it at the level of detail in case you were hoping for an
HTML-only solution.


Re: How to load first.html into a certain

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